Counselling on the NHS??

Monday, 14 December 2009
Posted by Trash Liberation
There has been quite a bit of back and forth recently regarding whether counselling should be on the NHS. The move was unveiled by Andy Burnham who is the health secretary. I have to say I cant believe this is a cause for debate. Of course it should be!!! What is the underlying factor which makes humans different from any other species? Well other than some of us being absolute shitters to one another for no good reason, I would argue that it is our superlative ability to form bonds and relationships with each other. Right across the spectrum, from a working relationship with no emotional ties, to long lasting intimate relationships and tangled emotions. Is it not fucked up relationships that lead to fucked up people? A bad relationship with our parents, an abusive relationship with a partner. Can it not be said that such connections/ associations/ affiliations/ bonds whatever you want to call it, effect humans deeply? How many times have we heard the same story about 'I had a shit relationship with my dad, so when I grew up I got involved in destructive relationships with men.' or 'my mum was beaten up by my dad and for some reason every relationship I have has been with an abusive person.' I agree that the counselling won't help everyone or fix every problem. but six million people in the UK suffer from depression as a result of fucked up relationships. according to Relate, 80% of people who go through counseling with them report that it helped. I'd say in this case, prevention is better than cure.

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